Month: September 2012

Fix Potential Home Disasters With Simple Repairs

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Fires are one of the most expensive catastrophes that a homeowner can face. And water damage caused by leaks or plumbing issues is among the most common reason insurance claims are filed.

A recent post on CNN Money shares some the most common problems in the home that could lead to disaster, along with home repairs that can keep trouble at bay.

1. Take care of your roof. Fixing leaks and keeping your attic insulated can prevent costly water damage, as well as keep your home’s temperature regulated.

2. Repair old pipes. A cracked pipe can leak over 200 gallons a day. Keeping your pipes in good condition can not only prevent water disasters in your home, it also helps keep your water bill low.

3. Dump the old dryer. Lint buildup and faulty components in your dryer can cause dangerous fires. Replace outdated appliances and wiring with ones and keep your family and home safe.

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